How to Tell if Your Chakras are Blocked Using a Pendulum

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How to Tell if Your Chakras are Blocked Using a Pendulum

I love working with pendulums so I decided to write this article on how to tell if your chakras are blocked using a pendulum. When I mention Chakras in conversations, I often get asked What is a Chakra If you are not familiar with the Chakra System then you may opt to get my course on chakras and how it can benefit you in your daily life to have less stress and feel better by learning how to clear your chakras. Once you have gone through the course you will have a much better understanding of your chakra energy system and why you may be feeling a certain way or why you have certain symptoms. This article is not to explain the chakra system, as I do an extensive coverage in the course. It’s free so go get it now and discover a whole new world, as an additional bonus, as you learn to balance your chakras, you will FEEL BETTER. Simply click on what is a chakra above.

I have created a video that will show you where to place the pendulum for each of the chakras. Before you watch the video, I will explain the different circular motions.

The goal of chakra balancing is to allow the bodies natural flow of energy to become in a state of balance for optimal health.

For anyone who is performing this on someone else, I suggest taking the steps to clear you first. (More on that later) The pendulum swing is a result of all energy fields (the therapist, the subject, the pendulum) If you are performing this on yourself, then it is a result of your energy field and the pendulum. If you need to know more about how to clear a pendulum or how to determine the accuracy of a pendulum, you can read the articles linked.

When the pendulum swings in a circular clockwise motion, with a steady even flow, normally around 6 inches, the chakra is flowing and is balanced. As you will see in the video, on a couple of my chakras the pendulum was circling clockwise, however it was a really large circle, more like 10 inches, which can indicate the chakra may be really open (which may mean it has been used a lot and could be wide open from a spiritual experience) and in need of calming down/balancing. In my case this day, I had been communicating and gathering lots of ideas, so it made sense my throat, third eye and crown were in overdrive. 😉

If the pendulum spins counterclockwise, that means the energy flowing into the chakra is flowing backwards and in need of balancing.

If the pendulum hovers and does not move or stands still with a slight vibration, this is a sign that the chakra possibly has been overuesed or suppressed so much that the energy has ceased to spin at all. If this state continues for a long period, one may manifest certain dis-eases.

An elliptical swing (clockwise or counterclockwise – right slanted or left slanted – horizontal or vertical) of the pendulum will indicate a right or left – masculine or feminine imbalance.

You may also see a vertical swing or a horizontal swing. To learn the meanings of all of these in depth, I highly suggest you get the book: Hands of Light by Barbara Brennan. She has in detail study of the chakra system and much more in her book, simply amazing! Each of the different swings, covered in her book represent emotional, mental or spiritual imbalances.

This article is not meant to cover all of those, however give you an easy way to tell if your chakras are out of balance by using a pendulum. By taking the course I mentioned above, you will discover ways to recognize by the way you are feeling or what you are doing, to know if your chakras need balancing.

I love working with pendulums and just by feeling a chakra is out of wack, I can quickly test it with my pendulum.

I hope the video helps and let me know if there are other subjects that you would like me to cover. Please stop by youtube and subscribe to my channel, like the video if it helped and share it with other that would like to know more about their energy centers.




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Ashley Fox September 8, 2015, 9:11 pm

These are great videos. A plethora of information for anyone interested in learning about essential oils, pendulums or balancing chakras! Thanks for sharing, Sally!

ssutton September 30, 2015, 4:10 pm

Thank you Ashley, I am happy to hear that you enjoyed the videos!