Sally M SuttonHello Beautiful You,

Welcome to my virtual vortex of love and happiness.

When I first started my spiritual journey I can look back now and say,
I was a HOT MESS

I had a deep longing and knowing within me, there had to be something more to life than what I was living.

I was earnestly searching, searching, and searching for that something and I couldn’t explain what it was I was searching for. At that time, I didn’t know WHAT I believed. I felt empty and lost.

I was unhappy, moody, self sabotaging, lacked confidence, bitchy and more.

Yes, that was me & I was very good at wearing the facade of being happy.

When inside, my little child was screaming out for help. At that time I just couldn’t see it. I was quite miserable. I was REALLY good at dragging everyone and everything into the mixing pot with me… Yes… drama (that most seem to thrive on – including me at that time) it feeds off those low energies.

We go through life with this intuition and tend to ignore it, at least I did and when it REALLY gets to the point of getting your attention, it’s usually when, “the shit has hit the fan”. Yep, that is how it was for me. The rug had to be yanked out from under me to really get my attention and I fell flat on my back, right before my big shift happened.

Boy did I have my work cut out for me…

Little did I know, everything I had experienced in my past was playing its role in my life right then and there, popping its little head up, saying “Here I am once again, are you going to pay attention to me now?”

So how did I get out of it?

It all started with that longing, the searching and then with recognition. Recognition that I was not happy and I was ready to make changes. Little by little I started working on me. Not everyone else, just little ol’ me… Doors started opening, when I was ready to make the next step.

Then, step by step, moment by moment, healing by healing, course by course, I started to feel happier within myself. I’m not saying it was an easy journey. I can say it was SO worth it. I learn, grow and heal every day.

I have taken Reiki, Training in Power and other courses with certificates, with which all have helped me in my journey. Out of all the training I have, what has really helped me, is my life experiences and the people that held my hand as I walked my journey, loving me for who I am/was and allowing me to experience what I had to experience to learn my lessons and grow.

So you ask, who is this Sally M Sutton?

She is a person just like you, who may have experienced some of the same things that you have. She is humble, full of love and integrity. She loves helping other people who are truly ready to live the life that they dream of… from the inside-out. She sees you for WHO you are, not for what you look like or what you have.

What excites her?

Meeting people, knowing that we are all one, and helping (if they are ready) remember this within themselves. Helping people to live IN JOY!

To walk the road with someone on their journey is an honor and something she does not take lightly.

She has a burning desire to help other people fulfill their burning desire of knowing there’s more to life than what they’re living.

This is what make my heart sing, to see people awaken to their divinity!

It ALL starts Within!

I love you all,

Sally M Sutton