Be the change

Be the change you wish to see in the world

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I love this and it is so true.

We see what we are.
We attract what we are.

When our internal world is chaos, we see chaos.
When our internal world is drama, we are drama.
When our internal world is peace, we see peace.
When our internal wold is calm, we are calm.
When our internal world is love, we are love.

It is all a matter of CHOICE, What will YOU Choose today?

Will you choose to change your internal world?

In his speeches, Dr. Wayner Dyer often asked the audience, “When you squeeze an orange, what comes out of it?”

Once a young boy answered, “Orange juice of course.”

Dr. Dyer asked, “Why would orange juice come out?”

The boy looked at him sort of dumbfounded and replied, “Because that’s what’s in it.”

Dr. Dyer, said, “Exactly, that’s what is in it. The same applies to us.

We project what we are.

The inside = the outer.

Choose Peace, Love and Joy.

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