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When I Discovered the Healing Frequencies of Sound Therapy

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My life and my daughters life changed when I discovered the healing frequencies of sound therapy. I have shared my story with a few, and though it would be great to share here on my site.

I went with a friend to a Holistic Health Fair, where I met a lady who had a sound bed. My friend took that opportunity to experience it and while she was on the bed, I chatted with lady named Regina Murphy and was explaining to her the issues my daughter was having with her stomach.

Let me tell you the story so you can get the jist of ALL my daughter went through, before we found Regina. When my daughter was just a baby, she had gotten sick and had been prescribed an antibiotic, (which I later learned, antibiotics strip your stomach of everything, even the good bacteria, so it’s good to follow any antibiotic up with a probiotic).

What was happening at this point is she, had uncontrollable diarrhea and the stench from it was unbearable. At first, I didn’t feel like the doctors believed me. So, I took a dirty, stench filled diaper in with me to an appointment and told them we had to figure out something. It was so bad now her bottom was raw and her bowel movements were uncontrollable. I had to take a set of clean clothes with me anywhere we went.

Finally, we were sent to a specialist who ran a tube into her stomach to see if they could figure out what was going on. The tests came back and they saw a trace of this world that was so long that I don’t even remember what it was and sent us off with a prescription for a drug that we had to go to a special pharmacy to get. When I arrived at the pharmacy, the pharmacist asked, “How old is the child”, I told him and he then said, “I don’t believe this medicine is being prescribed to her.” He asked, “What’s it for?” So I then proceeded to tell him the story, I just told you. Once he got the prescription ready, he then told me about antibiotics and this particular medicine and suggested that I get a probiotic and start her on that too. So I did…

Once she was through 2 rounds of the medicine, the stools were a little better, the stench was still prominent. The pharmacist had said he didn’t want to dispense another dose to her. It was a strong medicine for such a young age. This is about the time I met Regina and told her all of this I just shared with you. She sent me home with an iPod and a speaker set. Told me to lay it on my daughters tummy while she was sleeping. So I did. I was ready to try anything, no matter how bizarre it sounded. This little girl had just been through so much!

It really didn’t sound that bizarre to me though, as I was learning how energy worked and understood a little. I was learning about all sorts of new and exciting things at this point! Ok, back to the story. After about 3 or 4 days I saw her stools beginning to look normal and the stench was going away. I called Regina and told her, as she had told me to call her in a week. She told me to keep it longer and continue to use it on her stomach. After 2 weeks her stomach was totally healed and she has had no signs of the stenchy poop since.

Now, when my daughter doesn’t feel good she asks for the – healing music – as she calls it.

This story started a beautiful friendship and partnership with Regina and the wonderful world of Sound Therapy!

I have used the Kidney Infection Program and healed a FULL blown Kidney Infection with the pain and blood in the urine in 4-5 hours. I have used the PMS for menstrual cramps, the heart health, Etheric Sweep, Energy Psychology, Chakra Clearing Program, Healing Regeneration and Wound Care and so many more of Sounds For Self Treatments Sound Therapy Programs.

Yes, you can say I am a believer of the healing effects of Sound Therapy. If you would like to experience Sound Therapy and add it to your healing toolbox, all you have to do is visit Regina’s site and get her newsletter. You can get 6 Free Sound Therapy Programs – Click Here.

Oh Yeah, if you’d like to know the program that healed my daughters stomach it is Ave Maria 727. This is one of the programs she gives free by joining her newsletter or you can purchase or read about it here. There’s some good info on what the frequency does and what you can use it for on that page.

I do have to put a disclaimer out there…

The healing effects are different for everyone. Some people will use the programs with the expectation that it will not really work, and guess what, it will take a LOT LONGER for the healing to take place than on someone who believes it will work.

I KNOW that is why I was able to heal a full blown Kidney Infection in 4-5 hours. I Trusted that it would work. I put the speaker set on my body near my kidneys and went to sleep with it on loop and when I woke up, it was gone, I was healed. Where before, I had the pain in the urinary tract with blood and the pain in the back that accompanies a kidney infection.

I thank Regina, David, John everyday for the opportunity to be a part of this miraculous healing tools that we have. The work Regina has done in conjunction with John, has been amazing and something I can say an honor to be a part of!


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