Looking for a Guru Look in the Mirror

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I was sitting on my porch a week or two after arriving in GA enjoying a cup of coffee and the beautiful scenery, yes, this is a little old house that is on the property I live on and the sun was hitting it just beautifully, when these words came through to me, yet again. I grabbed my phone and started speaking into the note pad and that is where they have been until now… It was not anything that I hadn’t heard before in my head, what was right was the timing for me to put them on paper. And so it is….

Looking for a Guru? Look in the Mirror!!!

looking in the mirrorOften, we seek a guru to follow or to lead us through life. I believe that YOU are the Guru. I believe that you hold within yourself all the knowledge that you ever need, right here and right NOW, yes, it’s all within you. Everything you need to be HAPPY, lies within You and that is where it starts! Happiness Awaits Within You!

You may feel that you need a little guidance on accessing that information, if you don’t know already know how to do that. We have all needed someone to offer a different way of looking at things, to help us reach that Ahh-Ha moment to where we get it, to remind us of what we may have forgotten or to help us heal from past experiences. And that’s okay. That’s another reason we all have experiences is to take those nuggets of wisdom to share with others, not to force others to see your viewpoint, just to share your perspective.

The Guru that lies within you, knows exactly what is best for you at any given moment in time.

Stay away from putting someone on a pedestal and thinking they know what’s best for you, in reality, it may be totally the opposite of what is right for you in the moment. If something does not FEEL right for you, then it probably isn’t.

Put YOU, the magnificent YOU that YOU ARE on that pedestal. Slip those shoes on for a while and see how it feels. It may feel strange at first, however the more you practice the following, the easier it is to trust yourself. Practice being gentle and kind to yourself. LOVE YOU more!!!

We tend to pick up the energetic bat on a daily basis and beat ourselves for anything and everything. Stop that NOW! When you recognize you do that, forgive yourself, then look in the mirror and say “I LOVE YOU!” Say it with feeling 3 times.

Accessing your inner Guru.

Often that guru comes as that quiet little voice with in your head that is a thought or an idea or possibly just a knowing of something. It may come through reading a passage in a book, magazine or online, just as you are reading this.

There are a lot of different “Truths – Beliefs” out there and none are right or wrong. I say that to explain to you that each and every one of us are on a different path, meaning we all have different lessons to learn, the lessons may be similar, however the circumstances surrounding the lesson is different. No two are exactly the same, just as there are no two people on the earth that are exactly the same. So what gives you or me the right to judge someone for their choices or tell someone that something is not right for them, just because we feel it’s not right for them?

What is right for someone else may not be what is of YOUR highest good right now, that does not make it wrong for the other person. They may need to experience that exact moment to learn a vital life lesson.

The best suggestion and tool I can give you RIGHT NOW is to learn to listen WITH YOUR HEART and your heart will guide you. You know that feeling when something is right for you or not righ for you in the moment.

We are all in a state of awakening and REMEMBERING who we really are.

Continue to grow your tool-belt of tools that work for you, no matter how big or small. You may feel like working with stones, drums, sound therapy, singing bowls, reading different books of a certain author that you resonate with at the moment, just do what FEELS right to YOU! If you do not resonate with something right at the moment, do not throw it away (remember perspective changes) place it in an imaginary box and you can access it later if you need to. Spend time in nature, get grounded, spend time with YOU, doing what makes YOU HAPPY, no matter how big or small. Run in the rain and through mud puddles if it makes you feel good!!!

That is what life is about…Having fun, feeling good and doing what you love!

So GO……CLOSE the computer and HAVE SOME FUN!!!

Oh yeah, stop by and see me again!!!

And remember, as you’re reading this, this writing is my truth. It may not and does not have to be your truth. It is simply a different perspective… another way of looking at life.

Sending you off with much LOVE and HAPPINESS!

As always, have a FANTASTIC DAY!!!

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Ashley Fox September 8, 2015, 9:16 pm

So informative, easy to read and well written; clear and concise.

ssutton September 30, 2015, 4:11 pm

Thank you Ashley. Much love to you!