Goodness Abounds Now Available

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I am delighted to be a contributing arthor in Goodness Abounds - 365 True Stories of Loving Kindness. In life we mostly hear of all the drama, bad news, and the ugly. In this book it's quite refreshing to hear all of the stories of GOOD! Please share this and pass the word on, because

What is an Energy Therapy Session or Energy Healing

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energy therapy healing session

An energy therapy session or energy healing is simply working with the energy and etheric field of the body. The human body is comprised of more than just the physical body, in which you can see and touch. Like everything else, your body is made of energy and has it's own energy field called the aura. Within that field you

How to Live Life Fully Each Day

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You think we would know,  How to Live Life Fully Each Day That's not the case though. Most of us go through each day Stressed the **Bleep** out, worrying about this or, the kids, our weight, our looks, our health, our family, what the jones are doing better than us... whatever the case may

I Love a Challenge…

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Here we go for putting myself OUT there! Talk about stepping out beyond my boundaries. In week 2 of the Quick Start Challenge we were challenged to make a video, and to actually get in front of the camera. Yes, I have done this before, not loving it though. Okay........ I will work on embracing the

The Life of a Lightworker

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New Beginnings in The Life of a Lightworker I have recently had a huge shift in my life. I moved from Las Vegas to a small town in Georgia. I had been told before I moved that part of my purpose was to spread light and love, to offer people a different perspective on things