Thank you so much for ordering Goodness Abounds!

As a special Thank You, I’m happy to give you many of the Sound Therapy programs that helped many people heal.

In the book, I shared how Sound Therapy healed my daughters stomach and how it helped me heal many ailments. I wanted to share some with you!

Included in this gift are some of the most commonly requested Sound Therapy programs.

Click on the audio name below to download the file.
(The files are in a zip folder and some are large, so it would be better to download on a computer)

Ave Maria is the program we used for my daughters stomach. It has the 727 cure all frequency in it and I have used it on my dogs. 🙂

PTSD is for everyone, we all have suffered some sort of stress in our life.



Anxiety & Depression



Acute Pain


Healing Regeneration and Wound Care

Heart Health



Before using, please read the instructions and disclaimer below.

How to Use Sound Therapy

You can play it open air, meaning, press play and let the frequencies travel through the air. Our most effective results have occurred when placing a speaker set on the body around the point of pain or ailment – somewhere on the body. The best speaker set is one with metal on it. The Sound Therapy music is very relaxing within itself, so please never use while driving or operating machinery.

I am sure once you use some of the programs, you will feel a huge difference too! Just press play and enjoy the good vibrations! Use as often as tolerated. Your body will know when it has had enough.

My hope is that it will help you as much as it has helped me and many others who have used the programs!

Important disclaimer information about Sound Therapy products
Because sound cannot hold a patent, there are very limited double blind studies funded. These products are not medical products. We make no medical or healing claims although they have had encouraging results for many individuals. The results may vary based on medications taken, delivery systems used, or predisposition to certain frequencies. Any negative side effects have been limited to dizziness, nausea, or confusion for very short periods of time. It is advisable to stop using the program if that occurs. Negative effects are rare. Always check with your doctor before using our products. Results Vary.

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